Bihar Board 12th English 100 Marks Important Essay 2024: कक्षा 12वीं English के महत्वपूर्ण Essay 2024 परीक्षा के लिए, Bihar Board

Bihar Board 12th English 100 Marks Important Essay 2024: कक्षा 12वीं English के महत्वपूर्ण Essay 2024 परीक्षा के लिए, Bihar Board

1. Work is Worship (Sc. & Com. 2011, 2014A, 2016C)

Worship is means of self-purification and being good all
religious of the world given work great significance. God is to be
realized not by renouncing the world but by being a part of it.
After all this is God’s world and all works that go on here are
sancitified. The world must not only go on as it is but it should get
better and better. This is possible only when mundane work is
shown to have religious significance. This is why the greatest of
saints have been great doors of good to people some have gone so
far to say that God can be realized only through good works done
for the poor and the helpless. In this way work has been given the
sanctity of worship. Honest work has the same purifying effect as
prayers and meditation. In the hermitages of ancient Rishis the
disciples where made to work to the best of their capacity. Work
was the main part of their religious training. These views have
continued all through the ages. Even today we say that work is


2. Your College Library
[Sc. & Com. 2020A]
A library is said to be the heart and soul of a college. The
quality of education given in a college can be roughly judged
from the type of books kept in its library. Buildings alone do not
make a college. Every college must have a library. Our college
library is housed in a big building. It has thousands of books on
various subjects. Students come here to read books of their choice,
either for reading in the library itself or for study at home.
Our college library is under the charge of a qualified librarian.
She is an efficient and hard working lady. She is very helpful to the
students. She encourages us to read as many books as possible.
The catalogue of our library is uptodate. The books have been
listed authorwise and subjectives too. Our library is divided into
various sections providing a big reading room. There is always
perfect silence there. I really love to sutdy in my college library.


3. Discipline
[Sc. & Com. 2020A]
can with great by certain be Vinoba and. ” said It wisdom rules is against an Bhawey and admitted, sense regulations it. rightly Its and fact value sensibility that. It says cannot is man a part” Discipline is. Discipline be and a social get parcel nothing animal makes means of life in.. He a Nothing to life nation abide bears. In
nature, we find the maximum point of discipline. Nobody can
change the system of nature. In the Military and Army services,
there is the everest of discipline.
It this way, discipline is as essential as breathing. It should not
be forgotten at all. In fact, time passes, the role of discipline stays.
It is a crying head for all.


4. A Village Fair
[Sc. & Com. 2018A, 2009A; Arts 2020A, 2018A]
Most of the village are far from town. So, a village fair serves
the needs of villagers. A village fair is almost like a periodical
market. It is generally held in a big spacious place outside a village.
A central site is chosen so that other neighbouring villages my
not be very far from it. Stalls which are temporarily erected are
arranged in rows. Shopkeepers from towns and villages hire these
stalls. They bring various kinds of things for display and sale.

Vast crowds gather to see and buy things. The cinema, circus and
magic shows at village fair entertain the crowd. A village fair is a
place where villagers meet their friends and relatives. The village
fair lasts for about a week. It provides a lot of fun and amusement
to the villagers whose lives are usually dull. Large crowds of men,
women and children in their best clothes may be seen moving to
and fro. The children are the happiest creatures in the village fair.
They crowd around, the shops of sweets and toys. They buy
balloons and flutes. They look wistfully at the merry-go-round for
their turn. There is a lot of noise in the village fair. The loud
beating of drums and the hoarse cries of howkers fill the atmosphere
with excitement. But who minds the defeaning noise? Every one
is making merry.


5. Pollution
(Sc. & Com. 2017A)
The fight against the pollution menace has been on since time
immemorial. The magnitude of the entertaining problem was less
alarming in the earlier times and its solution were also less
sophisticated. Even Ashoka the great, put premium on the
protection of animals and plants. The world today is full of terrible
problems of pollution. We cannot put the clock back and we cannot
hark back to simplistic natural state. Technology has made a foray
into our life. Industrialization is here to stay. We must have defence
mechanism against alarming pollution which threatens the
extinction of human lives.
The pollution has resulted from deforestation. Solutions to
the vexing problem of air pollution are to be met in the forms of
aforestation. Nature has furnished us with a solution to the problem
of oxygen deficiency in the ambience in the process of
photosynthesis of plants. Hence planting of trees is a remedy to air


6. Rising Prices (Sc. & Com. 2015A)
Rising prices break the backbone of a common man. In India
price is a regular feature. Sometimes the government raises the
prices. Sometimes things go underground. People have to buy them
in the black market. They have to pay higher prices. The government
of India tries to check it. But it has not yet succeeded. So common
people are hard hit.
There are many cause for price rise. Sometimes the production
of things goes down. If the supply is short, the demand may be
great. Naturally, prices will go up.
Sometimes price rise is a must. If the price of material is high,
the production cost will also be high. But on many occasions
people have to suffer on account of the distribution system. These
people are exploited.
Another cause for price-rise is the fast growing population of
real gap between the demand and the supply of things.
But rising prices have to be checked. The government and
public must try to raise production. They must try for a fair
distribution of things. Black markets and hoarders should be
severely punished. We may have more and more fair price shops.
Every effort should also be made for checking population growth.



7. Your/ My Hobby
[Sc. & Com. 2012A, 2011A, 2009A; Arts 2020A]
Every people want to do best in their life. Someone wants to
become doctor. Someone wants to become I.A.S. that means all
wants to do some different in their life.
I also want to became an I.A.S. officer. Its my hobbies because,
I would like to serve my country and all the habitant of our country.
Playing the different types of games is also my hobby because
games is a good and important factor that can keeps healthy and it
keeps our body fit.
Listing song and playing with musical instrument is also one
of the best hobby but at any other cost it is the secondary work of
our daily life.
Swimming in the river is also my hobby because I feel very
good when I swim in the river that is why because swimming is a
also a good exercise and it is a also a way of method of our life any
way house riding is also your hobbies.


Bihar Board 12th English 100 Marks Important Essay 2024
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